Az State perfusion society

What Defines a Cardiopulmonary Perfusionist?

Board of Directors

Donald Wilson

Perfusionist at Mayo Clinic in AZ. Values family, hunting, and… other things valuable. Has a high regard for respect. When traveling, his favorite accommodation is Hotel de la Mayo’s 5th floor suite.

Victoria Dotson

Vice President
Perfusionist at Banner UMC in Tucson, AZ. She loves Tucson (who doesn’t right?). Her main interests are blood flow and oxygenation. Circuitry is another interest, albeit often difficult to make the connection.

Jojo Okyere

Perfusionist at Mayo Clinic in AZ. He always dresses dapper. Even in scrubs he is better looking than most. In his spare time he likes to chase Zebra’s off his lawn – it’s pronounced zehbra, not zeebra…

Derek Denney

Perfusionist at Mayo Clinic in AZ. Yes, I confirmed he does work there – and they pay him. I’ll be honest, nobody really knows exactly what he does here. He must take a lot of PTO…

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